MEMORY FULL is a group publication created in 2011 as a way to show and share cell phone pictures away from a screen and in the real world. It is published on a very irregular basis, with each volume possibly being the last.

#5, Summer 2015 Featuring 60+ photographers. Published by Sister Sister Books, edited with Esther S. White.

#4, Summer 2014 Featuring 40+ photographers. Published by HQ Press, edited with Esther S. White

#3, Winter 2013 Featuring: Jonathan Campolo, Phil Elverum, Chris Fowler, Nate Grossman, Carl Gunhouse, Noah Kalina, Michael McCraw, Steven Reynolds, Jody Rogac, Tess Scheflan, David Shannon-Lier, Ginevra Shay, Annie Sollinger, Jocko Weyland

#2, Summer 2011 Featuring: Eric Benton, Bill Burke, Jess A. Camacho, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, Nate Grossman, Carl Gunhouse, Omer Hecht, Jerry Hsu, Tyler Huntington, Roland Jackson, Calvin Lee, Mutsumi Makino, Paige Mazurek, Annie Newlin, Joseph Peila, Trevor Powers, Laura Beth Reese, Tess Scheflan, Benjamin Smart, Celeste Marie Welch

#1, Spring 2011 Featuring: Alexandra Annello, Ellen Arnstein, Lisa Baur, Jena Carter, Caleb Churchill, Cody DeFranco, Yasi Ghanbari, Nate Grossman, Carl Gunhouse, Tyler Huntington, Kim Keither, Jared Kuzia, Calvin Lee, Ben Mosca, Enzo Moscarella, Annie Newlin, Teresa Partridge, Joseph Peila, Trevor Powers, Camilo Ramirez, Antonia Robbins, Ginevra Shay, Molly Soda, Justin Visnesky